3rd Labour Day Open Rapid

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  • Date: Wednesday 1 May 2019

  • Venue: Stanley Sports Centre location, Stanley Municipal Services Building, No.6 Stanley Market Road (*)

  • Time: 10am - 5pm

  • Time control: 15m+2s

  • Rounds: 7 Swiss Pairing (was 9 rounds)

  • FIDE Rapid regulation

  • Not FIDE rated - anyone can join on this holiday event.

  • Prizes:

    • Open: top 3 trophies and cash 1st Prize: 1,000HK$, 2nd 800HK$, 3rd  700HK$. In case more than 50 participants the cash prizes will be: 1st 1,500HK$, 2nd 1,250HK$, 3rd 1,000HK$

    • Youth U8, U10, U12, U14: trophies top 3

  • 2018 report here

  • 2017 report here


1.    The tournament will be played at  Stanley Sports Centre location, Stanley Municipal Services Building, No.6 Stanley Market Road (*) on May 1st (Wednesday)

2.    The tournament will be played according to the FIDE ‘Laws of Chess’, Rapid play.

3.    Tournament will not be FIDE rated so anyone can participate, also without FIDE ID. 

4.    The Competition System will be Swiss System, with 7 rounds. Pairings will be done by computer system and no claim against them will be accepted, except a mistake when entering the results. Players will have 15 minutes per game, plus 2 seconds of increment after every move.

5.    The tournament will start at 10am. Players must report by 9.50am, otherwise they won't be paired in that round even if they have paid the registration fee. Players who default a game without any notification to the Arbiter won't be paired in future rounds.

6.    Players must write the correct result in the Game Result Slip that will be provided in every round. That slip should be signed. Once signed, the result will stay even if it's not correct.

7.    Mobile phones should be switched off in the playing hall, except with arbiter permission.

8.    Tie-breaks
1.    Direct Encounter
2.    Medium Bucholz
3.    Total Bucholz
4.    Sonneborn-Berger
5.    Armageddon game (White 5 minutes, Black 4, White must win)
Prizes will be awarded as per the exact place in the final standings and won't be shared.

9.      Trophies for top 3 players in the Open, U14, U12, U10 and U8 categories and in the Open category additional cash prizes of 1,000HKD, 8000HKD and 700HKD for top 3. Open cash prizes will be increased to 1,500 HKD, 1,250 HKD and 1,000 HKD if there more than 50 participants. Pr

10.   Tentative Schedule

  • Players registration: 9.15-9.50am

  • R1: 10am

  • R2: 10.45am

  • R3: 11.30am

  • R4: 12.15pm

  • Lunch Break 

  • R5: 2pm

  • R6: 2.45pm

  • R7: 3.30 pm

  • Prize giving: 4.30pm

11. Chief Arbiter decision will be final and not subjected to any appeal.

(*) Location being finalised