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Keep Chess Going
Sunday 13 March

Under current circumstances the optimum of playing competitive chess is online. For all our chess friends who are part of Team Caissa on Lichess we will be offering a choice of two events. If you are not yet registered, you can do so here: Caissa Chess Club - Hong Kong • and we will manually approve your application (no cost involved).

  • Event 1: 2 hrs ARENA for players with Lichess rating below 1700, time control Rapid 10m5s

  • Event 2: SWISS 6 rounds for players Lichess rating 1500 and higher, time control 10m5s

  • Start time 2pm - both events 2pm.

  • Fee 50HK$, to be allocated to our Alzheimer Research donation

Note: with Arena chess after your game you will be immediately paired after every game with someone available close to your score and with Swiss chess the next round starts when all players have finished their game in a round.


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