Winter EOM Leg 2: February 23rd at Discovery Bay

The Winter 2019 EOM is played over 3 months January, February and March. All our students from Stepping Stones 2 to Step 3 from Sheung Wan, Discovery Bay, Stanley and private and online students as well as all our school ECA students are invited to join free of charge in this event. 
Entries are limited to the first 32 registrations 
Players will be assigned to a fixed group for the whole term and play for medals and trophies in their group. On the tournament day each player can face players from another group (from a higher group if the player is doing well, from a lower group if doing not so well).
The groups will be assigned based on previous tournament results, using our Caissa Internal Rating (CIR) or other form of assessment by the Caissa coaches.
How does it work?
The winner, 2nd place and 3rd place (depending on the size of the group) of each EOM event receive a medal. The players at the end of the 3 months with the most points will be the Winter 2019 EOM Champions and receive a trophy.
At each monthly EOM we have also some smaller prizes. Focus is on social chess with a flavor of competition as the players are all Caissa students and a friendly atmosphere is a key feature of the EOM.
The EOM is not suited for players who have several years experience playing tournaments. Players are welcome up to maximum Step 3 level.

Registered players for February EOM (by 20/02)

1. James Lin 2.Samuel Lin 3.Zachary Oh 4.Rishaan Kapoor 5.Joshua Lam 6.Tiia Agyeman 7.Sacha Agyeman 8.Ryan Qian 9.Adrien Wu 10.Constantin Xiao 11.Jonathan You 12.Oisin Yeoh 13.Julien Leung 14.Rahul Peramunetilleke 15.Ivan Ji 16.Adrian Gao


LIMIT: 32 players

Temporary Standings for Winter Cycle 

Group A: Tiia 4.5, Samuel 4, Jonathan 3, Julien 2.5

Group B: Constantin 3.5, Rishaan 3, Joshua, Sacha, Rahul 2.5

Group C: Aydan 3.5, Adrien 3, Collin, James 2.5

Group D: Luke 2.5, Bruce 2, Emmanuel, Adrian Gao 1.5, Ryan, Oisin 1


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