II CAISSA TRANSFER CHESS - January 28th (Sunday), 2-6pm

Caissa will organize a second edition of this festive tournament, and no better moment that during the festive season of Chinese New Year. Check out the fun we had last year



1.    The tournament will be played at Caissa Chess Club  (6F Wing Cheong Commercial Building, 19-25 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong) on Tuesday 28th January, 2-6pm.

2.    Players can register in pairs or individually. Caissa will combine the individually registered players in the most balanced way.

3.    Time control will be 10 minutes per game.

4.    The Competition System will depend on the number of registered teams, but we aim to do at least 7 rounds for everybody. It will be either a 7 rounds Swiss System, or a Qualifying groups + finals. If a Swiss System, Pairings will be done by computer system and no claim against them will be accepted, except a mistake when entering the results.

5.    The tournament starts 2pm. Players who are not present in the venue 10 minutes before the first round, won't be paired in that round even if they have paid the registration fee. Players who default a game without any notification to the Arbiter won't be paired in future rounds.

6.    Players must write the correct result in the Game Result Slip that will be provided in every round. That slip should be signed. Once signed, the result will stay even if it's not correct.

7.    Special Transfer-Chess regulations. As Transfer Chess is played in different ways across the world, we specify the rules that will be used:

·         Both games should continue until the end and both results will count. 

·         Transferred pieces can't be put in the board giving check or checkmate.

·         Transferred Pawns can be placed on the 7th rank (or 2nd rank for Black pawns)

·         Players can only communicate with his teammates to ask for certain pieces. No prompting moves, no time warnings, ...

·         Players can only resign during their own turn, not after having moved.

·         Promoted pawns will stand flat after the promotion, representing a Queen. Once they are captured, they will be pawns when transferred to another board.

8.    Score criteria

1.    Match Points
2.    Game Points
3.    Speed Transfer Chess match (5 minutes per player, first checkmate wins)

​9.    Trophies will be awarded to the players of the best teams, and to the team with the most original name.

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