Caissa HK - Shenzhen U10 Match: 3-1

With yesterday's May 2017 EOM just freshly concluded, today we received a team in the U10 age category from Shenzhen. We played in one large group with 16 players from Caissa and 13 players from Shenzhen. Shenzhen players would not be paired against each other. After 6 rounds the top 4 Caissa players and the top 4 Shenzhen players would be playing against each other in Teams A, numbers 5 through 8 would be playing against each other in Teams B and the numbers 9 through 12 would be playing in the Caissa and Shenzhen Teams C. The results of the 6 rounds prelims are here. But before getting into the finals of 4 teams against 4 teams we first had pizza - below a video impression of the day: The

Summer EOM First Leg in May Many New Faces

The EOM, End of Month, is part of Caissa's training philosophy - during class students work on tactics, puzzles, strategic concepts as introduced by the Step Method and the coach ... but then, actual playing, under controlled "tournament circumstances", is at least as important to improve chess understanding and leveling-up towards preparedness for tournament play at other tournaments. That is what we do each end of the month for our students. In May we had 4 groups of 6 players. Group A, the strongest group was close. Jennifer and Alexander both had 3.5 points. The first tie-break, personal encounter, was not decisive as they drew against each other. The second tie-break, most times black,

High Octane End-April Chess Weekend

FM Louis Marcos Medarde Santiago Wins Caissa Labour Day Open Rapid 2017 It was a weekend packed with chess... On Friday April 28 the Caissa Friday Open Standard Chess started this weekend's chess frenzy firing up round 1. The most spectacular game was played between Benjamin Oh and Edward Hill-Wood who, after the smoke of sacrifices, multiple double attacks, wandering kings and deadly pins was cleared, had to decide on a draw by repetition of moves, both threatening mate in 1. Another noteworthy game was played between Ng Wai Ho and Miguel Angel Garceran Wang, won by Wai Ho, who coming from a Xiangqi background was able to grind a small advantage out of a rigid position. We will see more fro

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