Andrew Leung Wins Caissa 7th Winter Rapid

This year's winter rapid was spread out over 2 weeks. We planned for 2 and 9 December but to avoid a clash with another event we changed to 2 and 16 December. With 16 December already in (school) holiday territory unfortunately many regulars were gone. Learning moment for us and next year we will stick to our schedule. U8 Prize winners ... With 24 players we still had some fireworks going on at the boards. Over 8 rounds, Andrew Leung with 7.5 points was the deserved winner in the Open Group, follwed by Henry Ho with 6 points and David Garceran Nieuwenburg with 5.5 points. Gerent Lee won U16 with 6 points followed by Miguel Angel Garceran Wang with 5 points and Adrian Leung with 4.5 points. V

Autumn EOM 2018: Winner Group A Michelle Chan!

On 25 November the last leg of the three End of Month (EOM) Autumn 2018 series was held in the Caissa Sheung Wan centre. Adding up all points scored in each EOM the top 3 players across each of the 4 different groups (A, most experienced, D, starters) was finally determined. In Group A, Michelle, Marcus and Khrish remained in the top 3 in this order. In Group B, Rishi and Joseph stayed in the top 3 but Julien, in a strong end sprint, pushed Constantin just out of the prize zone by tie-break and ended 2nd. In Group C Adya didn't find his form in this EOM and scoring 2 points was not enough to stay in the top 3; instead Adrian climbed to 3rd place and Jonathan and Stelios remained 1st and 2nd.

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