IM Matthew Tan - Hong Kong's Ultimate Blitzer!

After winning the 6th CNY Blitz on 3 February 2019 Matthew repeated this result on 24 March at the Caissa Spring Blitz Open. Caissa 6th CNY Blitz Photo Impression Both events were based on preliminaries after which based on score the players were grouped in 4 final groups to play for prizes in these groups. The Group A winner would also win the title. At CNY we had the following prize winners: Group D: Stella, Patrick and Khrish. Special congrats to Stella for her first tournament ever and first trophy! Group C: Ritvik, Noah, Jacob Group B: Peter, Jean-Sebastien and Oliver Group A: Wing Ki, Eduard (new Caissa coach!) and Matthew, Champion. The Spring Blitz few weeks later on 24 March attract

IM Marcos Llaneza Wins 2019 Winter Sunday Open

It took 7 rounds spread out over 13 January until 18 March to complete the 5th Caissa Sunday Open, Winter 2019 edition. IM Mathew Tan Giving out the Prizes With 6 wins out of 6 games played in 7 rounds IM Marcos Llaneza convincingly won Open title in the standard time control chess FIDE rated event. In U16 Gerent Lee got home with the Champion prize as did Mahir Uppal in U12 and Samuel Lam in U8. The final ranking cross table is below: As this was the last event of the CGP cycle the final standing is follows - winners will be sponsored to got to Taiwan in July.

Caissa Students on top at ISF tournament!

The 10th Annual ISF Academy Chess Open 2019 was a big success for our Caissa students. In three out of four groups a Caissa student was victorious. This was not all as both Michelle and Jennifer laid claim on a female prize as well! In the Kindergarten group (Under 6), Bruce Qin made no doubt about who was the strongest there. With a convincing 5.5 out of 6 he stayed 1.5 point ahead of the competition. There was another success in this group as Oliver Hill-Wood managed to grab the third prize. The Lower Primary group was extremely big (over 100 participants). When all the dust had settled only one kid was left standing, Jack Puhar. With a perfect score of 6 out of 6, he crushed the competiti

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