Malvern Term 2 Competitions

Even if this Term 2 we couldn't organize a full School Tournament as in Term 1 (watch out for June 22nd, official date for Malvern End of the Year Tournament), we still have ran an internal competition for each one of our 5 classes, with some trophies awarded in each group (top 3 players, best girl and most improved player) Monday LP Class: Quintin (Most improved player), Rita (Best Girl), Kyle (1st), Aidan (2nd), Oscar (3rd) Tuesday UP Class: Ethan (3rd), Andy (2nd), Sean (1st), Isaac (most improved), Jin (best girl) Wednesday FY Class: Matthew (3rd), Christian (1st), Ethan (most improved), Jasper (2nd), Emma (best girl) Thursday LP Class: Alastair (3rd), Vincent (2nd), Aston (1st), Jonatha

Transfer Chess Tournament in Hong Kong: Fun and Games!

Transfer chess (bug house) tournaments, at least not as recent as in the last 15 years, had not been held in Hong Kong. But we at Caissa broke the taboo that transfer chess should be avoided. Transfer chess is fun to do and in chess-developed countries it is what one does at the club when at leisure, especially when you are young. Worried about your chess level by playing transfer chess? Guaranteed, only the extremely odd IM or GM level player would not have played transfer chess in his life. Sure, to become better in chess, transfer chess is not on top of the list of a training program, curriculum wise. However, it definitely tops the list of occasional things to do to keep chess creatively

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