Caissa Players Shine in Taiwan CTCA 2019 - Days 6, 7 and 8

Day 6 Round 5 The round started off very slowly. Marcus finished only after 2 hours of playing. After a good opening he managed to win a piece. In the endgame he tried to checkmate his opponent instead of just promoting his pawn. His opponent managed to take all his pawns while avoiding the checkmate and Marcus had to settle for a draw. Gabriel had to face his co-leader, who was also undefeated so far. Knowing his preparation was solid, he confidently started the game. His opponent deviated from the preparation, but it didn’t scare Gabriel. On the contrary, when his opponent left his queen too far out, Gabriel managed to trap it. The technical phase took a big longer than necessary, but the

Caissa at Kaohsiung CTCA 2019 Open Day 3, 4 and 5

Day 3 The third day was a rollercoaster. It was expected to be a very long day, with the morning round starting at 8:30am and the afternoon round possibly finishing after 7pm. We all got up early to have some breakfast together. Round 2 Most kids took their time, only Marcus finished early as he managed to checkmate his opponent in less than 25 moves. Still, finishing the game early meant he had to do some extra exercises in his Step book to stay sharp! When Gabriel came out a bit later, he was seemingly upset. We expected that he lost because he made a blunder, but it was nothing like that. His opponent had pulled out every single trick to get him off his game. Little did he know that it’s

Caissa Hong Kong in Kaohsiung CTCA 2019

Day 1 On July 17th a group of Caissa students (Marcus Su, Gabriel Chan, Boris Chan, Gerent Lee and James Kwong) together with parents and myself arrived at The Ambassador Hotel in Kaohsiung for CTCA International Chess Open. After a warm welcome on the airport we were brought to the hotel. A Warm Welcome After registering and refreshing a small group went out for Beef Noodles and a walk along the Pier area, where old warehouses had been turned into small musea and art galleries. By dinner time everybody was back at the hotel and with James arriving the group was complete. We went through the schedule and the kids finally found time to play some Exploding Kittens! Exploding Kittens! Day 2 W

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