CAGP round 2 over 50 players: SethPera and SavinPera qualify for the finals. Two more rounds to go!

After Delriver (from Spain) and AlbertoMuniz qualified in the first round, SethPera and SavinPera joined them in the finals by ending 3rd and 4th in the second round. Klemtonius (from Holland) just missed out but as he is grossing a lot of CGP points he is on his way to qualification as well. As part of the event our coaches analyse the games of the top 2 players and in round 1 coach IM Matthew Tan analysed the games between Delriver and AlbertMuniz as well as the game between BaffledBear and Chanintelligent. Very much worthwhile to have a look and prepare for round 3! The analyses of round 2 will follow soon. The Top 16 ranking after 2 rounds is now as follows: 1. AlbertoMuniz (Q) 23 2. del

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