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  • Before the starting of each class, a link to the Zoom lecture will be provided via email and/or Whatsapp to all the students in that class. No registration in Zoom will be needed. During the first connection, a small application might be installed. Pupils should use the real name (at least first name) as username, to be easily identified by the coach.


  • We request students to enable their video for the coach to see if the lesson is following attentively, but it’s highly recommended that an adult is with the kids, especially with the youngest ones. Students microphone can be activated by the coach if he asks some questions, otherwise only the coach sound will be active through the class.


  • When the lecture is about to finish, students will be provided a link for a Lichess event, which can be only joined by our students. Prior registration (free) is needed at


  • Coaches will monitor the games and will give feedback during and after the games like with our normal classroom practice games at the club


  • Please remember to register for a free account in before the start of the first class.


  • Students will be still grouped according to their level and they can join any of the weekly slots for their level. We will allow a maximum of 8 students per class. Students will interact with the coach in multiple ways (audio, video, answering questions on the screen etc.).

  • Our regular online classes are most suitable for students who have completed the Basic Step 1 level.  In case of doubt, please check with your coach.

  • For young students, totally or very new to chess, not familiar with (all) the pieces or rules, like giving check, promotion etc., we have two special foundation courses, SS1 and SS2, each 4 lessons, which need to be completed before entering the Step 1 level course:

    • BAND 1 - SS1: interactive with sharing of coaches board
      Lesson 1: The board, the pieces, goal of the game, movement of Bishop, Rook, Queen, King
      Lesson 2: Captures, movement of the Knight and the Pawn
      Lesson 3: Attacking & Check
      Lesson 4: Defending part 1 (ABC: Away, Block and Capture)

    • BAND 2 - SS2interactive with sharing of coaches board
      Lesson 5: Defending part 2 (Protecting, Getting out of check)
      Lesson 6: Checkmate
      Lesson 7: Castling (basics)
      Lesson 8: Summary & how to start a game (Opening principles)


  • Step 1 Monday 17.00-18.15  

  • Step 2 Tuesday 17.00-18.15 

  • SS1 and SS2 Foundation courses Wednesday: 17.00-18.00

  • Step 2 Thursday 17.00-18.15

  • Step 3 Friday 17.00-18.15

If the timing does not meet your schedules but you are interested to join our online instruction, please let us know your preferences (e.g., morning) as we might launch additional groups.

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