A new event in the new calendar year will be this Festival, which will be a combination of a Rapid and a Blitz Tournament.

Registered players must play both events, and the final standings will be a combination of the points obtained in both of them (the points scored in the Rapid event will count double). Both tournaments will be independently FIDE-rated (one for Rapid Rating, the other one for Blitz).

Players MUST HAVE valid FIDE ID to participate. If you don't have one, contact HKCFL or your National Federation 

Capacity is 40 players on first come first serve basis.

Registered players list


  1. The tournament will be played at Caissa Chess Club  (6F Wing Cheong Commercial Building, 19-25 Jervois Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong) on January 12th and 19th (Sundays) starting at 2pm and expecting to finish around 6pm.

  2. There will be two independent tournaments:

    • A rapid tournament on January 12th. Rate of play will be 15’+5’’/move. It will be a 5 rounds swiss system

    • A blitz tournament on January 19th. Rate of play will be 3’+2’’/move. It will be a 11 rounds swiss system.

    • Number of rounds and tournament format might be slightly modified depending on the number of participants.

  3. The final score for each player will be calculated as : Rapid Score x 2 + Blitz Score

  4. Each day, the tournament will start at 2pm. Players who are not present in the venue 10 minutes before the first round, and haven’t informed Caissa, won't be included in the pairing even if they have paid the registration fee. Players who default a game without any notification to the Arbiter won't be paired in future rounds.

  5. Players must write the correct result in the Game Result Slip that will be provided in every round. That slip should be signed. Once signed, the result will stay even if it's not correct.

  6. Score criteria

1.    Combined score (rapid points will count double)
2.    Direct Encounter (rapid points will count double)

3.    Tie-break armaggeddon match​


PRIZES (combined standings)


  1. Trophy + 1000 HKD

  2. Trophy + 750 HKD

  3. Trophy + 500 HKD


Trophy for best U8, U10, U12 (Note: The tournament will have one section only, that is, players can face any other player independently of the age group. Categories are only applicable for awarding a trophy to the best qualified player in each age group)


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