All our events are internal rated. Although it is calculated in the same way the FIDE rating is calculated, our internal rating is not, nor does it replace, an official FIDE rating.
The Caissa Internal Rating (CIR) shows the performance rating calculated from all the Caissa events players have participated in, blitz, rapid and standard chess since 2015. We use this rating for internal purposes, e.g., for deciding on the groups in our internal training tournaments, like the EOM (End of Month) in which we have more players working in the same Step books than can be accommodated in one group. If we have for example 10 players at Step 2, the higher CIR rated players will then play in the higher group of Step 2 players. This is how we keep groups small with players of similar strength.
As the EOM is a critical training event it is important to avoid too easy or too difficult games. 
Caissa Internal Rating Updated January 2017 showing latest events only: