EGTP - Elite Group Training



To prepare and to aim for a top spot in a reputable (international) tournament focused training is required. Such training must take into account current strengths and weaknesses of the player, both chess technical as well as along a more personal dimension like personality, mindset, style preferences etc.


It is unlikely to amalgamate all these effectively in a few weeks before a major tournament, let alone if spread out over an-hour-a-week lesson.

Through the Elite Group Training Program (EGTP), by invitation only, we offer selected players rigorous preparation for a major event at least a year away. 

PLEASE note that Caissa does not select players to go to any FIDE world championship or equivalent tournament: this has to be done via the HKCFL. But we prepare you to aim for a top spot.



Compared to standard group lessons of one hour (at 275HK$/class), each EGTP class is 3 hours long (at 500HK$/class) for the stronger/older kids and 2 hours long (at 375 HKD/class) for the rest. The fee is payable per term of 3-4 months (see schedule) as we will require the commitment of each group member to follow through as a group, each member being a potential high quality sparring partner for one another. Fees are not refundable.

Most of the tournaments organized by Caissa, like the CGP, Sunday Open, Blitz and Rapid tournaments (at around 3-400HK$/event) will have a symbolic fee only for EGTP students, as they are considered as part of the training.

Through this heavily discounted pricing we invest in our students and in the chess community in Hong Kong. But we do require serious commitment and we have set several entry requirements.


All players obviously need to have an interest to play in a demanding high level event and be willing to work towards a top spot. In addition, at least two of the below should be applicable:

  • Minimum rating requirements:

    • 1300 for Players born before or in 2005 

    • 1200 for Players born in 2006-2007 (U14)

    • 1100 for Players born in 2008-2009 (U12)

    • 1000 for Players born in 2010 or later (U10)

  • Previous top place in a National level tournament in the 2017-2018 school year (HKCFL Age Groups or ISF Open, HKJCC Age Groups both individual and inter-school if on board 1 or 2). Top-5 will be considered for U12 and above. Only Top-3 will be considered for U10 and U8. Standard and Rapid events will be considered. Blitz events will not be considered

  • Coach recommendation based on other criteria, including fit in the particular EGTP group class.

    In addition to the requirements the players should commit to the following:

  • Attendance rate of 80% is required, no make-up lessons. Saturday and Sunday lessons will be different, so no replacement classes will be possible. As the whole group will be moving through the same program, materials for missed lessons will be available online and the player who misses one class is supposed to review them on his own.

  • Play 80% of the recommended tournaments. Commitment to play a minimum 15 standard games per year

  • Do the assigned homework with estimated workload of 1 hour per week. 

Players who joined the EGTP in Term 3 2020/21 and completed the requirements will have priority over new applicants. Those who didn't complete the requirements will be considered as new applicants and their places won't be guaranteed.

Sunday Group will be exclusively for the most qualified candidates. Players who don't fit the required conditions can apply for the Saturday group only. 


Saturday 11.45-13.45, Sunday 10.00am-1.00pm at Caissa Sheung Wan Centre. 6/F, Wing Cheong Commercial Building, 19-25 Jervois Street Sheung Wan. 

The Sunday group will include the higher rated candidates, and other players with achievements as National Champions or similar. The Saturday group will include the rest of eligible players. Topics will be the different in Saturday and Sunday groups, tailored to the needs of the players in each group, so no make-up classes will be possible.

The planned 3 terms for this school year, we will start in September 2021 and finish in June 2022.

  • Term 1 (Aug- Dec 2021)

  • Term 2 (Jan - Apr 2022)

  • Term 3 (Apr - Jun 2022)​

Term 1 Schedule:

SATURDAY: Aug 28, Sep 4,11,18,25, Oct 2,9,23,30, Nov 6,13,20,27, Dec 4,11  (15 sessions)

SUNDAY: Sep 19,26, Oct 3,10,17,24,31, Nov 7,14,21,28, Dec 5,12 (13 sessions)

All ​the participants must follow our Covid-19 safety measures

In order to decide if we run the class in the center on online, we will follow the Primary Schools Schedule. If schools are on in person, class will be at the center. If schools are online only, we will do the class online too. In some situations we might offer a hybrid format. Students can join the class at our center or join the class online. Class in the center is always preferable. 

Scheduled Classes will only be cancelled if coinciding with an official HKCF age-group Championship. 



Each session will be arranged approximately as follows:

  • Theoretical explanation / discussion. Materials handed out every week (hard-copy and/or online)

  • Training games (e.g., based on positions related to the topic of each class)

  • Tactics exercises

  • Discussion/analysis of the played games. Revision of the topic. Homework guidance.

Homework for this term could be about content of each lesson, tactical puzzles, analysis of the games played under the topic of the day ... Also analysis of the players' tournament games.

Students will have access to a password protected page, only for EGTP students, which will include all the materials and complementary interesting items like videos, articles or games analyses.

The students should submit their homework via e-mail at least 24 hours before the following class.


The main trainers will be IM Matthew Tan and IM Marcos Llaneza, among the top rated players in Hong Kong and very experienced coaches. In addition, we will actively try to invite guest lecturers of very high caliber on a specific topic.


This training is tough. Requires commitment. Hard work. This training is not suitable for everyone. That is exactly what it is to be elite.


Send us a mail by clicking 'Let me in!' if you are not invited yet but you think you have what it takes ... Please tell us the reasons why you should qualify.