In most countries where chess is developed as a legitimate hobby, clubs are around where people play their weekly game in their club's internal competition or other club activities. Clubs have their club Champions. Aspiring youngsters and other club members play an internal competition, each at their own level.


In such countries, any given city has at least a handful of chess clubs and as a club member you can play with your club in an external competition, club vs. club. This is fun, just like it is fun to play a football match against another club. 

In Hong Kong we are not there yet.


From Caissa we would like to offer, here in Hong Kong, a chess club experience like in Europe or America: a place where you can go to and play friendly blitz games, talk about the last super-elite tournament or just discuss with other players about your last tournament game. We invite any player in Hong Kong to become member of Caissa MORE Chess Club and play social chess in our internal competition, or visit us at our meetings and study from our extensive library of over 100 books and magazines, discuss the latest in chess or just spectate - or secretly try out your new opening prep in a blitz.

All these activities will take place in our comfortable atmosphere. Sheung Wan will open 6 hours a week for Caissa MORE Chess Club. 



Initially we will try out two time slots:

  • Friday 19:30 to 22:30

  • Sunday 14:00 to 17:00 

If occasionally a tournament is held, the meeting will be canceled (no meeting on Sunday September 24th due to EOM).

Start Date: from Friday September 15th to Friday December 15th. 


Membership Fee: HK$1,000 for 3 months or 350HK$ for 1 month. One day pass is possible at 50HK$ per time.

There is no fee for our students who are currently enrolled in a course.



  • Six hours a week to practice chess with other players without the pressure of tournaments

  • That is over 70 hours in 3 months for a low fee

  • All Caissa materials available (chess clocks, chess library, magazines)

  • All blitz an other internal competition played games are valid for the Caissa ranking (Keizer method) and for prizes at the end of the season

  • 20% discount for registration of Caissa organized tournaments (only for members, not one day pass holders)

  • Hong Kong top rated coach always present in case of "doubts" on chess technical matters and discussions...*

* The resident coach's commenting does not replace any form of formal classroom or private training.