1. You must have an account in Registration is free and you should do it in advance.

2. Request to join the Caissa Chess Club in Lichess through this link: Please do this in advance too.

3. Register on this page and once the payment is processed we will send you the tournament password. 


Players will be automatically paired based on their rating, score and other parameters. For Players must be waiting on the tournament page in between games (click "Go back to tournament" after every game you finish or you won't be paired). Players don't need to play for the 2 hours, they will be allowed to stop and rejoin whenever they want. 


The format is “Lichess arena”. Players will be paired with anyone close to their ranking as soon as they finish a game. In this way, waiting times are minimized but players might play a different number of games. A won game gives you 2 points, a draw 1 point. 2 extra points are awarded for any game won by a player “on streak”, after winning 2 or more consecutive games. Rate of play will be 10m0s



Players are paired against each other based on their scores. Everybody will play 5 games. When a player finishes the first game, must wait for everybody to finish that round. Only then the next round will start.

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