To our top students we offer so-called squad training by International Master level players, carefully selected for their didactic skills. After all, it takes more than being a good chess player to teach chess.
The courses of 4 lessons monthly aim at the advanced youth player or adult with indicative FIDE rating of 1800+.
The lessons comprise of studying specific positions from high-level games and classic studies and tie in to the topics from the Step 4, Step 5 and Step 6 coursebooks.
The lessons are held via Skype and in the Caissa tournament room on
We aim for a capacity of 2, and the maximum capacity is 3 students - online registration will automatically close after full capacity is reached.
In case you are interested in private online lesson for e.g., opening study and tournament preparation we can close the class for one person. Such one on one private lessons can be arranged on request.
Registration is done via our online classroom booking engine.

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