There is no one fits all single way to teach or learn chess. The core of our offering is classroom training which are constructed around the Step Method curriculum. Opening, middle game and end games will also be part of the classroom training although at advanced level especially the opening will become a more personalized training.
During holiday breaks we also hold clinics and workshops, often done by very strong chess players and instructors, and in intensive sessions of a few hours per day we will go through various chess topics.
In experimental stage we also offer Skype/Playchess.com online classes by overseas Master trainers for our top players.

Classroom lessons are always done with a real board instead of a computer screen and beamer. Only for the very advanced students we start using computers but we firmly believe that students need to play positions out by moving pieces around. 


Classes are divided into different levels according to the Step Method. Each class is capped at maximal 6 students per coach.



Clinics are prgrams to got through a relatively large amount of material in a few consecutive hours or days. 


Typically chess clinics are held during holidays when students' schedules allow for such time commitment. Very often we make use of guest coaches to hold the clinics and in the past we had CM Madehavan, GM Ipatov, GM Grivas, IM Delemarre hold such events.


Above: IGM Alexander Ipatov, Junior World Champion 2012, with his graduates in Discovery Bay



In order to provide chess trainers at Master and Grand Master level to our top youth and to adults who aim to push their FIDE rating towards 2000 or higher we, have carefully selected coaches abroad who can teach via Skype and Playchess.com. 


Caissa has its own room in Playchess.com where one on one but also small groups can gather to meet and study with the coach as per scheduled session.


Above: internet match between Caissa top youth and Dutch top youth