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Alberto Muniz Wins Autumn Open 2015

On November 27, after 7 Fridays of fine chess, we finally came to the prize giving of the top 3 players in this year's edition of the Autumn

The players who spent 7 of their Friday evenings battling on the boards, left to righ (front) Miguel Angel, Daniel, Koji, (back) Tushar, Andrew L, Andrew M, James, Alberto, Joseph, Kenneth, Melvin and Ian.

At the start of the 7th round it was not clear who would win 2nd or 3rd prize whereas the Alberto had already secured the title a week ahead of the last round. His game against Miguel Angel in round 7 stayed equal until the end game when Alberto managed to benefit from his white squared bishop to win a critical pawn.

The match between Tushar and Andrew L was the critical match for 2nd place, won by Tushar. Joseph, champion of ;ast year's edition, won his last game against James and could thereby squeeze himself into 3rd position and claim 3rd prize.

On the other boards, Koji and Andrew M had a very equal game until Koji had pushed one of his pawns so far into Andrew's territory that a promotion could not be prevented. Joseph pushed all is weight into his match, such that James cracked through his chair before the game had started; Joseph won the critical game.

Daniel lost some material against Melvin early in the middle game and Melvin steadily moved the game into a win. Kenneth and Ian were had an equal game for a long time until Kenneth's slightly better positioned pieces led to pawn win and later the game.

David had a BYE.

Thanks all for the great spirit! Look forward to the Winter edition...

Final cross-table, ranking and all games can be found here.

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