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Shunkai Peng from Shanghai Wins 4th DB Open Blitz

Saturday 12 December the 4th edition of the Discovery Bay Open Blitz took place in the North Plaza community center. The event was played over 9 qualifier rounds of 5 minutes per person after which the players were grouped in the final groups with a time control of 3 minutes and 2 seconds increment. The top 6 players played for the Champion title and prizes of the Champion Group, the next 6 players played in Group B for prizes in that group and so also with Group C and D.

Youth and adult players were mixed which is an excellent set-up for the younger players to experience the discipline and correct chess table manners of adult players and for the adult players it is always kind of a wake-up call to see the upcoming young talents steal away points here and there.

As always this event attracts players from nearby Shenzhen and Guangdong but this time we had a player coming all the way from Shanghai. Shunkai Peng, only 14 years old, made his mark by winninn all his games, qualifiers and finals - and that in one of the strongest field we have ever had with many former prize winners and champions participating. Congratulations!

See below a slideshow for an impression of the qualifier rounds.

After the qualifier rounds we continued with 3M/2S blitz in 4 groups of 6 players. The tie-breaks were decided by 1. personal encounter, 2. most wins, 3. most black and finally if still undecided, 4. highest ranking in the qualifiers.

Prize winners were:

  • Group D: 1. Aaditya 4 points, 2. Mahir 3.5 points

  • Group C: 1. Hannah 5 points, 2. Mahadevan 3 points

  • Group B: 1. Paul 4 points, 2. Miguel Angel 4 points

  • Champion Group: 1. Shunkai 5 points, 2. Long 3 points

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