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End of Month Jan 2016 - Strong Performance of All Caissa Students

It is the time of the year that some official tournaments are coming nearby, like the inter-school events end of February. Great to see that the sparring of our students in the January EOM is coming as close as possible to the "real thing".

On Saturday 30 January in Discovery Bay we had 12 players divided in 3 groups of 4 player. In Group C (Stepping Stones 2 - Step 1 level. We had two players who never played a match before - and alas, they ended 2nd and 1st place! Noah won all his games and Misha with 1.5 points secured 2nd place medal. Great start!

In Group B little Savin kept his rockstar status by again winning all his games, again, followed closely by Nathan with 2 points. The girls in this group had a tough day but they'll be surely back!

In Group C Seth was very strong and won all his games, closely followed by Noah. Although Chor Wei lost all his games his play was actualy very good. Let's work on the time control Chor Wei and you'll be up the podium soon too!

Sunday 31 January we held the Sheung Wan edition, again with 3 groups, this time with 14 players. In Group C we saw some miraculous stalemates with single king against several queens and rooks and hords of minor pieces on the boards. When the smoke cleared after 3 rounds it was Daniel who emerged as champion today and yesterday's winner Noah followed undefeated on 2nd place. Ilio was close to prizes too but he missed to avoid stalemate and playing on time with his opponent just few seconds on the clock. Winner of the December edition, Jayden, had an off day but will climb back for sure.

In Group B it was Amaey who kept his cool best and showed some good play. Matthew and Mahir ended both with 2 points but because Mahir had played more games with black he was awarded 2nd prize. Next time Matthew, for now you can be proud of your undefeated status.

In Group A it was "girl-power" Jasmine who stayed undefeated with 3 wins. Seth, the champion of the Saturday edition, came in 2nd place. Howard and Ritvik did not play bad either, but a small mistake in this group can already lead to a loss. Stay focused boys, your games were good.

Below the results tables:

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