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Caissa Students Successful in HK Juniors Inter-School - Discovery College Lower Primary Wins 2nd Pri

Sunday 21 February a total of 56 school teams, spread out over Lower and Primary School sections, participated in the HKJCC inter-school event.

Caissa, rooted in Discovery Bay, has for over 4 years now been training the Discovery College players and with great pleasure we see strong progress and a pipeline of upcoming talents.

The DC Gang. Back (left-to-right): Seth, Noah C, Mei Jing, James, Miguel Angel. Front (left-to-right): Noah M, Nathan, Mahir, Savin and Joshua

Discovery College Upper Primary

Our Upper Primary team was a mix of “veterans” listed in the HKCF Hall of Fame, Miguel Angel and Mei Jing, and of newly to Upper Primary promoted “youngsters”, Seth, Noah and James – our gunners from Lower Primary last year who increasingly started to collect several prizes, individual but also for Discovery College.

Competition in Upper Primary was tough though and although some traditionally strong teams, like those from ISF, did not participate, the top youth of Hong Kong, were mostly present in their school teams, including, for example, Michael Deng who became 3rd in U9 World School Championship in Pattaya 2015.

An excellent start with 3 wins in a row put the team in high spirits and … a high ranking. Thus facing other highly ranked opponents the 4th round ended in a heroically fought energy draining 2-2 draw and, perhaps all a bit exhausted, the last two rounds resulted in a loss. The team ended on the 9th place which is not a bad result at all and this team is hungry in the upcoming HKCF inter-school on 28 February.

Discovery College Lower Primary

What had not yet been achieved before by a Discovery College team was achieved by our Lower Primary brain warriors: a top 3 position, in fact 2nd Prize … with half of the team never having played a “real” tournament before!

The “veterans” in this team, Mahir and Nathan, pulled up all the others with their remarkable calm composure and team spirit – and board performance of course! Mahir, “the Unstoppable”, was his nickname worthy again with a 7 out of 7 score on board 1. This is rare result in a team ending high in the final ranking.

Savin and Noah, who had shown their shining talents already in our EOM events in the last couple of months extended their performance very well into their first “real” tournament and also Joshua, who had not yet even played an EOM tournament, scored his crucial part to contribute to the team’s 2nd place position. Well done boys!

Coach Alberto had a tough job, but did great in selecting the players for each round and keeping all players motivated and highly team-spirited until the final move was played.

Other Caissa Students

In Lower Primary Ahaan was the 2nd highest scoring player on board 1 with a score of 6 out of 7 and his team ending 3rd. In Upper Primary Matthew had a strong score with 4 out of 7 on board 1 too. Aaditya on board 2 became best scoring player with 6.5 points and Amaey, also on board 2, scored 4 points to end in the top 10 of high scorers on this board. On board 3, Ritvik scored 3 points as did Siddharta on board 4 for his school. Wing Shun on board 4 was another smoking gun today with 7 out of 7 and his team ending 3rd. Great job!

In the truly strong Secondary Division, played over two days, Melvin managed to get really warmed up on board 1 on the second day, scoring 2.5 points in the last 3 rounds and ending with 4.5 points. Jasmine on board 3 of team A of the host school, similarly scored 2.5 points in her last 3 rounds and ended with a solid 4 points score.

Bravo all!

It was a long day for all of you, and your parents, coaches, supporters. Well done and see you all back next week at the HKCF inter-school …

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