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Winter 2016 EOM ends in April with Good Play and Prize Giving

After we skipped March in the Winter EOM cycle due to holiday breaks over the weekends at the end of March and early April, the last batch of the 3-months series was finally played on 30 April in Discovery Bay. In the winter cycle 30 players had participated and today was prize giving time!

In Group C we had some new players who had not played a tournament yet, like Loren (who is only in Stepping Stones but still managed to win a game!) and Edie and Ellis who made good progress recently in Step 1. Daniel, who has made inroads into Step 1 Plus was the strongest player this time and he won the April Champion medal with a 100% score as well as the Winter Champion trophy for having scored 10.5 points in all winter EOM events. Daniel will be promoted to group B. Edie and Ellis both scored 3 points and won 2nd and 3rd prize medals. Way to go! First tournament and already prizes - even more so, Edie managed also to win the 3rd prize trophy for the Winter cycle! Noah M, who had also played in group B won 2nd prize of group C and he will also be promoted to Group B.

  • Group C April: 1. Daniel, 2. Edie, 3. Ellis

  • Group C Winter (Jan, feb and Apr): 1. Daniel, 2. Noah M, 3, Edie

Loren with wihite defending against Daniel's black pieces moving in...

In group B brothers Charles and Abraham played their 1st EOM and their 2nd tournament in total. They played well and lost a game here and there not fully aware yet about illegal moves and such. In any case, with 3.5 points Charles managed to get 2nd place medal. The 3rd prize medal went to young Savin (who became Winter Champion as well with this result!) but Champion today was Nathan (who with this result also got 2nd place trophy of the Winter EOM. Both boys keep on progressing at a strong pace. Aubrey and Noah M also had 2 points like Savin but missed out 3rd prize on tie-break. Yet, Aubrey, with today's April result could still collect 3rd place trophy for the Winter period.

  • Group B April: 1. Nathan, 2. Charles, 3. Savin

  • Group B Winter (Jan, Feb, Apr): 1. Savin, 2. Nathan, 3. Aubrey

Charles vs. Abraham - boys with great potential and there is surely more to come from them!

In Group A Seth, Mahir and Mei Jing all ended with 4 points sharing 1st place. On tie-break Mei Jing got 1st place medal, Mahir 2nd place and Seth 3rd Place. And in reversed order these three players also distributed the trophies of the whole Winter EOM cycle among themselves, with Seth breaking an EOM record by scoring 12 points over 3 editions. Good job! Also to Mahir, by far the youngest player (8 points), and Mei Jing (6 points) who missed the January EOM, well done! Surely Noah C will come out of a small dip as he is a good player and everybody has a tough tournament once in a while and overcoming such a small set back is exactly what you need to become a better player. Chor Wei's score reveals his favorite time control is longer games.

  • Group A April: 1. Mei Jing, 2. Mahir, 3. Seth

  • Group A Winter (Jan, Feb, Apr): 1. Seth, 2. Mahir, 3. Mei Jing

April EOM results

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