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Top Prizes to Caissa Students at 7th Annual Scholastic

Last Sunday the Aktive Kids well organized 7th Annual Scholastic attracted over 100 players spread out over 5 age categories: Pre-Primary, P1-P2, P3-P3, P5-P6 and Secondary - playing 6 rounds rapid 25 minutes per person. We are proud of our Caissa players who grabbed various champion titles and top prizes.

Discovery College Primary Players celebrate their School Team Prizes in each age category with School Principal Mr. Mark Beach (more photos on our Flickr Album)

In Secondary we had Jasmine, Hoi Ting, and James, Wing Ki, playing for their schools King George V and La Salle. Hoi Ting with 3 points won best girl prize and Wing Ki, who ruled Primary for years, ended well on 3rd place in this age category.

In Primary 5-6, Wing Shun scored 3 points to end exactly halfway on 17th place and Mei Jing, also with 3 points ended 14th and won girl Champion prize. Aaditya and Roderick scored 4 points and ended 7th and 6th respectively. Miguel Angel shared 2nd place with 4 other players with 5 points and ended 4th on tie-break to receive Best 11 Years Old medal. Champion with 1 draw was Uysses: well done! In addition to individual prizes Miguel Angel and Mei Jing won 3rd team Prize for Discovery College!

Aaditya, Miguel Angel and Mei Jing

In Primary 3-4, Amaey with 2.5 points, Noah with 3 points and Ritvik with 3.5 points ended 18th, 14th and 11th. The top 2 placed were occupied by Hanoch and Seth, both with 5 points. On tie-break the Champion title went to Hanoch. Well done boys! For Discovery College Seth and Noah's combined score entitled them to a 3rd Prize trophy.

In Primary 1-2, Noah ended with 3 points. Nathan with 4 points ended 5th, Savin with 4.5 points ended 3rd and Mahir with 5 points ended 2nd: three of our players in the top 5! With such a strong performance of our Caissa DB students they combined deservedly won the School Team Champion Prize for Discovery College.

Board 1, 2 and 3 occupied by Discovery College Stars Mahir, Savin and Nathan

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