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And the Winner of the Sunday Winter League is ... David Rivas Vila!

On March 25, in the 7th and final round of the very smoothly run FIDE rated Caissa Sunday League (thanks International Arbiter coach Alberto!), coach David Rivas' draw against Tushar Anand was enough for him to be crowned Champion.

The Sunday Winter League is a YGP - Youth Grand Prix - qualifying event and, although all players are in the same player pool (Swiss pairing depends on score), the age categories U12, U10 and U8 played for honour and glory in their own age categories.

In U12 Seth is leading the pack, in U10 it is Oliver and in U8 it is Jack. We will sponsor the winners to participate in the World Youth Championship in Spain in December 2018 (approval separately to be obtained from HKCFL). We will not sponsor another event - contenders, please keep your calendar free for December!

Ritvik 2nd U12

Aaditya 3rd U12

David GN 3rd Open - Receives Prize from Champion David RV

Henry Ho in Hey 2nd Open

David Rivas Vila: Champion

With still 3 more qualifying events to go, anything can still happen. Registration is already open for Labour Day Rapid and the Friday Spring League.

Because from this 2017/18 season we will also sponsor the final winner of the Open category to an overseas tournament we will rename the YGP into CGP: Caissa Grand Prix.

As a reminder: each player brings in 5 points in his/her relevant group, so the total points in Open is 13x5 = 65, for U12 is 9x5 = 45 and so on. The winner gets 30%, 2nd place 25%, 3rd 20%, 4th 15% and 5th 10%, so David Rivas in Open gets 0.3x65 = 19.5 and so on.

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