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EOM September

Yesterday Sunday 23 September we held the first leg of the three months spanning End of Month (Autumn 2018) training chess tournament for players up to Step 3 level. In our controlled environment, with only Caissa students participating, the players are readying themselves for tournament play. A total of 28 players showed up as follows:

  • In Group A, the most advanced players, we had: Boris Chan, Michelle Chan, Marcus Su, Tiia Agyeman, Khrish Butani, Julian Wang and Alex Gong

  • Group B: Rishi Butani, Joseph Ko, Julien Leung, Constantin Xiao, Samuel Lin and Joshua Lam

  • Group C: Sacha Agyeman, Jonathan You, Adhya Batepati, Aydan Lau, Adrian Wu and Stelios Asmanis

  • Group D: Dillen Winiger, Winston Qin, James Lin, Marcus Lun, Zachary Oh, Isha Batepati, Alesandros Asmanis, Lilien Winiger, Macen Lam

Players do not only play against players n their own group. That is how if a player from e.g., Group B is in very good shape, he can get to play against someone from Group A who has equal points. And on an off-day, it is possible to play against someone from a lower group, with the benefits of playing challenging game for both players.

Below are the photos of all prize winners flanked by coach IM Matthew Tan who is back with Caissa!

Group A: 1. Boris, 2. Khrish, 3. Michelle, Group B:1. Samuel, 2. Joseph, 3. Rishi, Group C: 1. Jonathan, 2. Stelios, 3. Aydan, Group D: Marcus, James, Zachary.

Well done all and see you back in October in Discovery Bay.

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