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Caissa Sponsored (CGP) Henry Ho Gets FM Title in 43rd Olympiad

As you shall already known, the Olympiad have came to an end. It was a wonderful experience to be able to play in the world stage and witness the battle of top players with my own eyes.

Though I didn't manage to draw any GM during the event, I was able to adopt from the weakness in early rounds and changed my play style in latter rounds. The game in round 10 was extremely tense versus a similar level opponent that was 1 win short from the FM norm and can be called the best game in my life, that in-game moment actually reminds me the level of excitement was the initial reason that I wanted to play chess.

It have been a tough and enjoyable 2 weeks to be able to fully dedicate into chess. A lot have been learnt and I was lucky enough to score 6/9 with a FM norm.

Would like to thank you again for Caissa's kind support and I have attached some photos for sharing.



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