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Internet Match Youth Spain - Hong Kong

After pioneering in Hong Kong the concept of friendly internet matches with overseas youth in May 2015, between Caissa youth and youth from Pathena in the Netherlands, we are back on Friday 4 January at 5pm when eight Caissa youth stars will log in to to play a friendly match against Naranco Chess Club, former chess club of coach Marcos, in Oviedo, Spain. The match will be played over 2 rounds, a game with black and one with white.

Live streaming of all 8 boards will be done from our site, or directly here. Each game will be 25m+10s which should guarantee some 2 hours of serious chess fun. The opponents will be chosen based on similar player strength which makes it a great opportunity for our youth to play a good game, with players from overseas, different style and most importantly, different faces.

The boards will be fixed in order of strength. In the Caissa shirts we have (in random order): Gabriel, Savin, Seth, Miguel Angel, Channing, Wilfred and the ladies Michelle and Mei Jing.

Join us online or at our Sheung Wan centre on Friday!

More about Naranco Chess Club:

Naranco is the name of the peak in Oviedo (about 800 metres) and CTD (Centro de Tecnificaciñon Deportiva) means something like "high level training", an honour bestowed upon the club by the city Council. It could be so that only the chess club and a handball club have the same title.

Oviedo, whith around 200,000 inhabitants lies in the north of Spain. A beautiful place, with a lot of history. Woody Allen recorded part of his film Vicky, Cristina & Barcelona there. The current Queen of Spain, doña Letizia, is from Oviedo.

CTD Naranco is a chess club with more than 20 years of history. Since the beginning of the 90´s, with support of the Council, CTD Naranco is promoting chess in Oviedo, focusing on teaching in schools. Every year, more than 500 children, receive chess lessons in 25 schools and 3 learning centres weekly. At the same time, they have courses for elder people or workshops to use chess as a tool against drug addiction.They also cooperate with a non-governmental organization which is based in Tanzania.

The chess club is formed by students and teachers (most of them are former students) and the slogan: el alumno supera al profesor (the student overtakes the teacher) describes the philosophy of the Club.

During the above period, CTD Naranco formed many Spanish Champions and Vice-champions in age sections, as Jaime Santos Latasa (currently Grand Master), Carlos Suárez García (currently International Master), or our Caissa coach IM Marcos Llaneza Vega. A very successful student was David Recuero Guerra, who finished 4th in the World U10 in 2001, Bronze medal at the U14 European Championship in 2005 and Silver medal at the U18 European Championship 2009.

But CTD Naranco does not only form chess players. Several students got prizes in Mathematics or Chemistry contests and some of them received awards from the Government for their excellent marks in Secondary, Bachelor and Degree.

In 2002, CTD Naranco received an award as the best sport entity in the town.

In 2006, former World Chess Champion Anatoly Karpov, visited the Club and gave a simul and a conference. Here you can find a documentary recorded for the 20th anniversary, in Spanish. Do not hesitate to approach coach Marcos or Alberto for short translation ...

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