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Internet Youth Match Naranco (Spain) vs Caissa HK 9.5 - 6.5

On 4 January eight Caissa students played against eight youth players of Naranco chess club, in Oviedo, Spain, coach Marcos' hometown club.

The games were played on the internet chess provider, over 2 rounds, each 25M+10S. The Caissa team tarted off with black in round 1 and played with white in round 2.

All games can be viewed on Chessbase here.

The score was as follows:

  • Miguel 0 1 (Miguel missed a forced draw in the first game and despite he was in his 2nd game in a desperate position he managed to win on time with only 0.5 seconds left!)

  • Mei Jing 0 0 (in round 1 Mei Jing had an undefendable knight pinned and in the second game had a slip of the mouse which was as costly as a bishop and the game)

  • Seth 1 0.5 (Seth parked his black pawn on a3 on the 11 the move (!) which turned into a monster and finally a point whereas in the second game he drew)

  • Savin 0 0 (Savin both times ended up in a knight+pawns endgame with a pawn less which was too difficult to convert in a positive score)

  • Wilfred 0 1 (in round 1 Wilfred's French led to an interesting middle game in which he lost an exchange and the game but in round 2 he played a rook+pawn end game better, won a pawn, exchanged the rooks and score the point)

  • Gabriel 1 0 (in a crushing attack Gabriel check mated his opponent in round 1 but in round 2 with a winning position Gabriel lost on time)

  • Michelle 1 0 (Michelle attached well in round 1 and check mated her opponent on h1 but in round 2 she lost her queen by discovered check and the game ended several moves after that)

  • Channing 0 1 (in round 1 Channing lost a piece through a pawn fork but in round 2 he offered a poisonous pawn which was taken by the queen and resulted in a check-mate pin!)

Irrespective of the loss, we are very proud of our students who did some great chess-lifting against very worthy opponents. With a little luck, we could have come closer to a draw and in the near future we can be surely more ambitious! Well done team!

At Caissa we find it important that our students play as often as possible against a wide diversity of opponents and playing styles. Internet in a team setting with coaches supervising is a very good and practical alternative to traveling around to play this kind of chess.

We are thinking through ways to further expand Internet chess, via competition, matches or even a league. We will keep you posted and we will recruit actively among our students. This event against Naranco was a trial, successfully conducted on both sided of the globe.

Thank you coach Marcos, for arranging the team and thank you, and coaches Alberto and Matthew as well, for setting it all up and keeping the match professionally managed.

A big thanks to Naranco players and their coaches. Congrats with your win! We are looking forward to a rematch soon.

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