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Malvern Term 2 Competitions

Even if this Term 2 we couldn't organize a full School Tournament as in Term 1 (watch out for June 22nd, official date for Malvern End of the Year Tournament), we still have ran an internal competition for each one of our 5 classes, with some trophies awarded in each group (top 3 players, best girl and most improved player)

Monday LP Class: Quintin (Most improved player), Rita (Best Girl), Kyle (1st), Aidan (2nd), Oscar (3rd)

Tuesday UP Class: Ethan (3rd), Andy (2nd), Sean (1st), Isaac (most improved), Jin (best girl)

Wednesday FY Class: Matthew (3rd), Christian (1st), Ethan (most improved), Jasper (2nd), Emma (best girl)

Thursday LP Class: Alastair (3rd), Vincent (2nd), Aston (1st), Jonathan (most improved), Charis (best girl)

Friday class couldn't have the competition as no classes were scheduled in the last few weeks, but we will still give them trophies in the starting of the next term. Good job everybody!

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