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Caissa Domination in U9 at HKJRCC

On Sunday May 5th the HK Junior Rapid Chess Championships 2019 were being held at the beautiful HKIS Campus in Tai Tam. The tournament, with over 150 participants, kicked off at 9am. When the last battle had ended, it was time to check the results and hand out the prizes. It turned out that the youngest Caissa Students were the most successful!

U7 Prize Winners

In the U7 Category Sacha Agyeman seemed to be unstoppable, winning his first 5 games. In the sixth round he had to play the only one who was unbeaten too so far, Dan Lupu. It was a tough fight without a winner. In the final round Sacha quickly won again, while Dan fought off Caissa student Emmanuel Chen. Both Sacha and Dan shared first with 6.5/7. Unfortunately, the tie-breaks turned out to be in Dan’s favour and Sacha had to be content with the 2nd place. Nevertheless, a great performance! Despite Emmanuel’s loss in the final round, he managed to finish 6th!

Just like at the ISF tournament, the U9 category was the most contested Caissa group and already before the final round it was clear that the winner would be one of our students. Savin Peramunetilleke was still on a perfect score with only Julian Wang trailing him by half a point. They had to face each other in a direct encounter to decide who would be crowned as champion. Unlike the top grandmasters, there was no one interested in a quick draw here, as they were the last ones to finish. In the end Savin managed to keep his perfect score, while Julian fell back to 5th place. Tied for second were Leung Yu Kiu (Anthony) and Advay Hari.

In the U11 group Ahaan Sekhri managed to win bronze. He started off furiously with 3/3 but then encountered a few hick-ups. With two wins in the final two rounds he managed to bounce back and finish in one top spots!

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