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EOM Autumn 2019 Starts with Surprises

On September 27th, Caissa organized the first End of the Month for the new season. Keeping the same spirit, we made a couple of changes this season:

- We allow the participation for external students. It's good to get used to playing against different people!

- We have a minimal registration fee, which will be donated to the Alzheimer research

As usual, players are divided in groups according to previous results, current chess level they are doing, ... The groups matter only for prizes, but depending on the kids performance they can play with higher level players if they are doing well and with lower level players if not doing so well.

After 5 exciting rounds of chess, the winner was Aydan Lau, who even being in the Group B, he only dropped half a point in the 5 games.

All results in cross table can be found on chess results here.

Group A was won by Henry, who only lost to Aydan. Samach and Alex were the other two prize winners.

As mentioned, Group B was won by Aydan, who won the event with an excellent 4.5 points score. Luke Wang and Ryan Qian were the other prize winners.

Top 3 in the group C were Kainos, Athan and Bruce.

The group D was very strong compared with previous editions. The best 3 players were Anish, Anaisha and Adhavan.

Group A: Samach, Henry, Alex

Group B: Luke, Aydan, Ryan

Group C: Athan, Kainos, Luke

Group D: Anaisha, Anish, Adhavan

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