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Charity Chess Cup - Great Event, Good Caissa Results

It was great to see the emergence of an organiser, Chess for Change, daring to create a team event. In the scholastic space this does happen once, max twice a year in Hong Kong, but due to the lack of a club system in Hong Kong, it is not easy to get a team of 4 players ready to meet another team in a chess event. The absence of clubs, with internal and external club competitions like in virtually any other sport, football, ice hockey or tennis, is a hurdle to the development of chess.

Thus, Caissa unambiguously supported the Charity Cup Event by registering 3 teams under the Caissa flag - hoping other chess instruction centers would follow and participate under their center name - and by motivating our students to register in any other team construction of friends if not under Caissa.

Caissa Mixed Student/Coaches Teams A, B and C - Nice Caissa Caps ...

It was a smoothly organised event. And the Caissa results were great! Congratulations to the winning team, The Young Masters, of which the 4 players were long time Caissa students, some only recently "graduated" from our CTP (Caissa Talent Programme). Keep it up boys!

Of course, also congrats to Caissa Team C and Caissa Team A who brought home the 2nd and 3rd Prizes. All results can be found here at chess-results.

Caissa Teams in Action


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