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CNY Camp: Masquerade Chess

During the first week of the CNY school break (which has extended now to 2 March) we were well prepared to keep the conditions in our training center as safe as possible. Hand disinfectants, using only a small selection of boards and pieces which were, as well as the tables, disinfected regularly. Wearing masks by students and coaches and thermometer temperature check before entrance were the standard measures.

Coach Matthew and students masked doing chess puzzles.

Coach Marcos in explaining mode.

Masks did not impact the fun and quality of the first CNY camp all students received their certificates!

Because of the extended CNY break we have added 2 more camp dates:

- 3-7 February: morning 10am-1pm, total 15 hours.

- 10-14 February: morning 10am-1pm, total 15 hours.


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