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Daniel Secures Last-Round-Decided 1st Place - Niilo Stays on Top of Grand Prix with Two Events to Go

Evening chess is rare in Hong Kong nowadays. SATURDAY evening chess, especially FIDE rated, was maybe a first time in Hong Kong last week. New and old faces, a total of 15 players, met at Sheung Wan to decide over 9 rounds blitz who would be the ultimate evening star.

Highest rated player FM Daniel Lam expectedly won the first 5 rounds in a row, however several games were by no means walkovers and perhaps drained out some of his energy. Round 6 and 7 were costly for Daniel, scoring only 0.5 points. One loss against Christopher Masters, who after a loss against Niilo Nissinen in round 2, stayed on a winning streak until round 8. Niilo, who had lost in round 4 against Daniel, was also good for keep-winning results until round 8.

And then came round 9. Niilo and Christopher went in comfortably with 7 points, followed by Daniel with 6.5 points. Yet, it was Daniel who won his lost game whereas both Niilo and Christopher seemed out of breath at the end of the evening and were stopped by Tang Tsz Sang and Liu Yeli respectively.

Julian Wang did very well with 5 points, claiming Best U10 prize, Advay Hari won Best U12.

The ranking of the Caissa Summer Moves 2021 GP is as follows after 5 events:

As a reminder, the CGP prizes will be distributed as follows: 1st 2,500HK$, 2nd 2,000HK$, 3rd 1,500HK$, 4th 1,000HK$ and 5th 500HK$!


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