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Dmitry Kutsebeshchenko Wins Caissa Chess Booster Festival

On 8 May, Mothers Day, Caissa gave OTB chess a booster shot by organizing a not often held format: 7 rounds 5m+3s Swiss Blitz qualifiers and 7 rounds 15m+3s Round Robin finals in 3 groups: top 8 in the Swiss Blitz played in the FIDE rated RR Group A, numbers 9-16 in the Swiss Blitz would play in the FIDE rated RR Group B, and the rest would play in RR Group C.

It was great to see a few 'new kids on the block', of whom Dmitry, Thomas and Raymond ended in the Top 5 of the Blitz Qualifier; as well as to have some 'long time no see' player like Melvin back, who also managed to get in the Top 5!

When the dust settled after several hours of blitz it turned out that Dmitry, with 7 wins out of 7, was the strongest blitzer. Thomas and Advay followed strongly with 5.5 points. All results of the blitz can be seen here on chess-results.

Impression Round 1 Blitz

After the short lunch break we continued with the Round Robin rapid event, rated for Groups A and B.

Group C was the only group with 10 players and Kainos did a great job of winning this group with 8 points. The 2nd and 3rd places went to Eric (7 points) and Aravind (6 points). Full results of this group are here on chess-results. Oliver on his first tournament scored a decent 4 points as did Leonie and Anaisha.

Prize winners Group C.

In Group B, 2nd through 5th place all had 5 points, but on tie-break (ranking in the Swiss Blitz), 3rd and 2nd place went to Max and Chun Yin respectively. David with 6 points got 1ts prize. Results are here. are all here at chess-results.

Prize Winners Group B

In Group A, finally, we had the strongest performers in the blitz qualifier morning event. Melvin and Thomas both scored 4 points but on tie-break the 3rd Prize trophy went home with Thomas. Dmitry and Raymond both scored 6 points and on tie-break the Champion title and trophy went to Dmitry. Results here.

Prize Winners Group A

Big thanks to all for the pleasant environment of a long day of chess!


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