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End of Month - September Leg of Autumn Cycle Starts with a Bang

On 24 September, Group C/D 25 players blazed the trail for this season's EOM cycles. As for the EOM, we will have 3 cycles, Autumn, Winter and Spring. In this Autumn we have September, October and November legs and today was the September kick-off. Each leg has medals, and we count the points of the 2 best of 3 legs to determine the cycle winner with trophies. Trophy Prize Winners will be promoted to the higher group except for the Group A winners: they are graduates who should be fine in any open event - they cannot join the EOM anymore!

Below the current ranking and Prize Winner photos. Keep it up all - 2 more rounds to go. Next one, 27 October in our Discovery Bay centre.

Group D Prize winners:

Group C Prize winners:

Group B Prize winners:

Group A Prize winners:


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