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GSIS Leads in Caissa Age Groups School Championship 2021 after U10 and U12 Tournament

On 21 November over 50 players representing 23 schools gathered at the majestic Zetland Hall for the first leg of the Caissa Age Group School Championship, played in the U10 and U12 age groups. The second leg for U6 and U8 will be played on 19 December. The tournament is a 6 rounds rapid (15 minutes + 3 seconds increment) event with individual prizes and counting the points of the top 4 players of each schools, also with school prizes.

Impression of the playing hall

In the U10 section Anisha (GSIS) and Wei Jun (Kowloon Tong PS) both ended with 4.5 points but on tie-break the 4th Prize went to Wei Jun. Julian (SIS) with 5 points claimed the 3rd Prize whereas the top two place, Brandon (NAIS) and Marvin (SIS) with 5.5 points, were determined by tie-break, Brandon getting 1st Prize.

Individual Prize Winners U10

School Top 5 places U10 (adding up the points of the top 4 players):

  1. Nord Anglia - 13.5

  2. SIS - 13.5

  3. GSIS - 8

  4. Harrow - 7

  5. Malvern - 5.5

School Prizes U10

In the U12 section placed 4 to 7 all had 4 points, but on tie-break 5th Prize went to Lachlan (South Island) and 4th Prize to Florence (GSIS). The 2nd and 3rd place both had 4.5 points but again on tie-break 3rd Prize went to Ethan (Harrow) and the 2nd Prize to Bo Ruei (Island School). Clear winner in this age category today with 6 wins was Advay (GSIS) - well done!

Individual Prize Winners U12

School Top 5 place U12 (adding up the points of the top 4 players):

  • GSIS - 17

  • Harrow - 12.5

  • Island School - 7.5

  • Kellett - 7.5

  • Malvern - 5

School Prizes U12

The overall school ranking after the first leg is a follows:

At the second leg on 19 December the results of U8 and U6 will come in ... and we will find out then how this will affect the final school ranking!

Which school will finally bring back the Caissa Age Group School Championship 2021 Champion Trophy?


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