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IM Marcos Llaneza Vega Wins Caissa OTB Spring Rapid 2021 in Historic Zetland Hall

After many months, yes, well over a year, if not close to two years, we have had no FIDE rated Over the Board event in Hong Kong. A disruption caused by COVID as we will all understand.

To be back opposite an opponent, to smack the clock (nicely), grab that queen from next to you for promotion as your time ticks away, observe a blunder on the board next to you and hide your facial expression when you see you made one too on your own board ... all this is that extra dimension even the most stubborn cyber-loving chess players will love about playing in a chess tournament.

A restart to such chess tournaments deserved a special place and format which were found both in the historic Zetland Hall as well as the set-up of restaurant level, waiters served, lunch and drinks.

Still abiding by restrictions on capacity we could only allow 50 players and about 10 accompanying persons. So the event took place with 60 people. After a smooth 7 rounds of 25m5s rapid games Caissa coach Marcos turned out victorious with 7 of 7: Open Champion. Best U16 and second place Open with 6 points came "he-is-back-in-shape" former Hong Kong top youth player Miguel Garceran Wang. Third place went to John Papantoniou from Australia with 5.5 points but a slightly better tie-break than Hong Kong top player FM Daniel Lam also with 5.5 points.

Youth prizes went to:

  • U8: Chiu Silas Nathaniel (2.5 points)

  • U10: Chiu David Zion (4.5 points)

  • U12: Kao Jamison Edrich (4.5 points)

  • U14: Wu Kiu Chun Aidan (4.5 points)

  • U16: Li Shing Hei (5.5 points)

Below a short video impression - thank you all, HKCFL for supporting this to be FIDE rated, players, parents and other accompanying persons, Zetland Hall staff and Caissa organizers and arbiters for this memorable event.


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