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IM Matthew Tan Wins GP5 Basque Chess - Eduard Garcia Leads GP Leaderboard

Sunday 24 July we held our Basque Chess event: a Rapid event playing both with white and black at the same time against the same opponent.

Basque Chess in Action

With 10 players joining - unfortunately it is still fact that relative few players in Hong Kong try out more social forms of chess - the field size was very much compensated by the field's strength. In addition to Caissa coaches IM Matthew Tan (FIDE rating 2419), Dmitry Kutsebeschenko (2161) and Eduard Garcia (1852) strong players like Raymond Han and local talent Wing Ki were also present. Richard Vale, unknown player to most of us, was the big surprise, unrated he grabbed 2nd place, only losing twice to Matthew and once to Dmitry.

It was nice to see Jonathan Ho back in action after long absence from the chess scene in Hong Kong, and together with Purswani Mohit and our youth players Marvin Zhang and Su Bo Ruei the event took place in good and amical atmosphere. We hope that for our GP7 event, Transfer Chess, more players will show up to enjoy chess for merits beyond rating points.

Prize Winners and Action Photos

As a result of the GP5 event, the Grand Prix Leaderboard looks as follows (join us July 31 for the FIDE rated Blitz in Sheung Wan!):


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