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Singapore International School Wins Caissa Age Group School Championship 2021

On December 19, the second leg of the Caissa Age Group School Championship 2021 took place in the splendid Zetland Hall: this time it was the U8 and U6 age categories to battle it out on the boards for individual and school glory. As a reminder, after 21 November when U10 and U12 played in the same venue, GSIS was leading, followed by Harrow, NAIS, SIS and Malvern. After today these 5 schools would each still stay in the top 5, but some shuffling of positions took place ...

Christmas nearby: prizes for top 5 U6 and U8 individual players, prizes for the top 5 schools In U6 and U8 and the Champions Cup for the best scoring school across all age categories U6, U8, U10 and U12

In the youngest age category U6, 16 different schools were represented and in an admirable way this group ran as smooth as any other age group! The 5th through 8th place all had 3.5 points but by tie-break William (CIS) managed to bring the individual 5th Prize trophy home before Caleb (Kennedy), George (ICA) and Edward (Discovery College). The 4th Prize went to Adrian (IMS) with 4 points and the 3rd Prize Andrew (SIS) who scored 4.5 points. Lincoln (St. Stephen's) and Jacob (DBSPD) both scored 5 out of 6 but on tie-break 1st Prize went to Lincoln. Well done all!

Looking at school performance, the ranking and prizes were distributed as follows:

1. St. Stephen's: 8

2. Harrow 6

3. DBSPD 5

4. SIS 4.5

5. IMS 4

In U8 we had 42 players representing 20 schools. Four players ended with 5 points out of 6. On tie-break the prizes were distributed as follows: 5th Randy (Kiangsu & Chekiang), 4th Hoi Fung (Ying Wa Primary), 3rd Sichen (SIS) and 2nd Pak Yu (Po Leung Kuk Camoes). The champion with 6 out of 6 was Zachary (SIS): great job!

The school performance in U8 resulted in handing out prizes as follows:

1. SIS 18.5

2. Kiangsu & Chekiang 9

3. Nord Anglia 9

4. Malvern 8

5. Harrow 8

(Kiangsu and NAIS didn't have a 5th player to break the tie, so Kiangsu got the higher place because a higher individual place)

Impression of the day

Final School Ranking:


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