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Tang Tsz Sang Wins Caissa Spring Open 2021 Standard

Over 6 rounds, spread out over Sundays in April and May, 37 players assembled to play the first-since-ages-in-Hong-Kong Over The Board standard chess, with the support of HKCFL, FIDE rated.

Going into the last round Ozbek Gorkem and David Garceran Nieuwenburg led with 4.5 points, followed by Niilo Nissenen, Tang Tsz Sang and FM Henry Ho, all with 4 points. Anything could still happen - and that is exactly what happened in the last round.

On the top boards Tang Tsz and Henry beat Gorkem and David respectively and with Boris Chan beating Niilo the top 3 places were decided as follows:

  1. Tang Tsz

  2. Henry

  3. David

Boris had climbed up tp 5th place and received Best U12 prize. Niilo on 6th was Best U12 and best U8 was Anaisha Hari with a solid score of 3 points: well done!

Prize winners Open Group

Photo impression, courtesy of AIM Francois Wolfaardt

All results and games can be found here.


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