Caissa BTO Summer League 2020.jpg

Everybody can play. But we recommend it for players Step 2 and above.


1.      The tournament will be played online at Lichess platform. All the players should have an account there (free). Games will be played on Sundays, starting at 4pm and expecting to finish around 6pm the latest


2.      The schedule will be as it follows

·         Round 1: July 26th

·         Round 2: August 2nd

·         Round 3: August 9th

·         Round 4: August 16th

·         Round 5: August 23rd

·         Round 6: August 30th


3.      Pairing will be done by Swiss System. Every round will consist of 2 different games between the same players, both at 20’+5’’/move


·         The first game will start at 4pm, with the colours stated in the pairing. The player with White must launch the challenge, the player with Black should just accept it.

·         A second game, swapping colours, can start as soon as the players have finished their first game.


4.      For Standings and Pairing purposes, both games will be counted. So the score of each match can be 2-0 (winner scores 2 points, loser 0), 1.5-0.5 (winner scores 1.5 points and loser 0.5) or 1-1 (one point for each player).


5.      Each day, the games will start at 4pm. For the first round, we will wait until Sunday noon to do the pairing in case any last minute cancellation. For further rounds, players who are unable to play a round, should inform the arbiter by Wednesday. They won’t be included in the pairing and won’t create any disturbance. Players who are included in the pairing should provide a valid reason to miss one game.


6.      Score criteria

1.     Total score (based on each individual game)

2.     Direct Encounter

3.     Medium Bucholz

4.     Total Bucholz

5.     Sonneborn-Berger.

6.     Armageddon game (White 5 minutes, Black 4, White must win)

7.      The tournament will be organized with a minimum of 20 paid registrations by July 23rd. Otherwise, the registrations will be refunded.


1.      Trophies for Top 3

2.      Trophy for best U8, U12, U16