CGP - CAISSA GRAND PRIX (Season 18-19 Winners fully sponsored to Taiwan Open 2019)

(formerly Youth Grand Prix (YGP))

We make sponsorship available to our best scoring CGP  players and become part of our team to represent Caissa Hong Kong Chess Club in a high quality (and youth friendly) overseas tournament selected by Caissa – fully sponsored, flight, hotel and tournament registration fees.
CGP sponsorhip is non-transferable. If you are Champion in your age group but you cannot participate in the chosen event, the sponsorship will not go to number 2. In exceptional case we will allow the winners to chose their own tournament.
For official FIDE events representing Hong Kong the players need to separately obtain approval from HKCFL.
As part of the Caissa sponsored team players are requested to wear a Caissa t-shirt on a few of the tournament days for a photo. That's all!

CGP Hall of Fame since 2014

The 2017-18 YGP came to an end after 4 qualifying events. As announced at the beginning of the cycle, for the youth category Champions the sponsored event is the World Youth Championship to be held in Spain in December 2018. The Open sponsored event is TBD.
The CGP Champions are:​
The 2016-17 YGP had come to an end after 5 qualifying events. The champions - and all of them Caissa students!!! - in each age category were:
  • U14-16: Wing Ki Kwong
  • U12: Miguel Angel Garceran Wang
  • U10: Seth Peramunetilleke
  • U8: Mahir Upal
The U8 age category was dominated by the nemeses Oliver, who played one event less, and Mahir and was decided by just 0.5 points to the advantage of Mahir. On 3rd and 4th place we saw strong performance from the younger Savin and Samuel who seem to develop the next toe to toe rivalry in the U8 category next in year!
The U10 age group Seth was the deserved winner with Ethan coming close. Remarkably Ben made a strong sprint in the end not by only winning the last (Spring) YGP event but actually ending 2nd overall then. If he can keep it up into next season we have not seen the last of him!
The U12 was also dominated by the two nemeses Ullysse and Miguel. Ullysse played less events and that could have cost him the title which went to Miguel.
The U14-16 was dominated by Wing Ki, who had more than double the points than the 2nd pace. Wing Ki played most events, but the fact that he won 4 out of 5 of those shows that his title is deserved and that his status as Hong Kong's top seed remains unchanged, year on year.
Winners will represent Caissa at an international event, fully sponsored!
The 2015-16 YGP had come to an end. There were 4 qualifying events. The champions in each age category were:
  • U14 (A): Richard Takasumi
  • U12 (B): Wing Ki Kwong
  • U10 (C): Aaditya Kadam
  • U8 (D): Mahir Upal
As per the YGP regulations, Caissa will fully sponsor the champions of the U14, U12 and U10 age categories for a chess event overseas. The tournament selected is the 17th Bangkok Open somewhere in April 2017. All champions will be provided with further details, also the special prep training sessions, as the event comes nearer. As the U14 turnout was very low, and instead the U8 was large, we added the champion of the U8 age category to be a Caissa sponsored player as well.
Congratulations to all champions and well done all other players!
Photo impression of day 1 Spring YGP 2016
Ritvik vs
Oliver vs
Ilio vs
Aaron vs
Amaey vs
Mei Jing vs
Round 1 Spring 2016 YGP
Impression of coach Alberto's analysis of some of the games played with the Saturday students