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Cancellation Policy

All our fees are not refundable, booked online or otherwise, e.g., payment by cash, PayPal, PayMe, or direct bank invoice.


Center group classes:

  • Make-up class if a class is missed due to unavoidable personal circumstances, including sickness, within 30 days for students who are still enrolled, e.g., miss a class in February, can do make up in February if open space available in another group class, and/or can do make up in March if still a paying student March, and if an open space available in another group class.

  • TYPHOON & BLACK RAIN ARRANGEMENTS: we close 2 hours before T8/Black Rain is hoisted and reopen 2 hours after these signals are lowered. If the lowering happens, e.g., 4.20pm, the next class that will be on is 7pm. Classes during the T8/Black Rain will shift to online mode - no cancellation or make up class.

  • In case of the highly exceptional case Caissa needs to cancel a class, e.g., sudden illness of coach, the fee of that class will be refunded.



There will be no refund, credit, carry over or make-up classes in other camps, group or private classes for missed camp days.

TYPHOON & BLACK RAIN ARRANGEMENT: classes will shift to online. The Center group classes arrangements do not apply to Camps.


Private classes:

Cancellations won’t have any charge if they are done 24 hours before the class. Otherwise, the full fee will be charged. But frequent cancellations might lead to assigning the time slot to another student.



Fees of tournaments or other activities will only be refunded if Caissa decides to cancel the event. In any other case, fees will be non refundable.


School classes:

Different schools have different policies. Please check the page related to the school for further details

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