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Caissa Talent Program


To prepare and to aim for a top spot in a reputable (international) tournament focused training is required. Such training must take into account current strengths and weaknesses of the player, both chess technical as well as along a more personal dimension like personality, mindset and style preferences.

What is CTP?

The Caissa Talent Program is a renewed training approach of the formerly known EGTP (Elite Group Training Program) which we ran for 5 years. The main difference is that in the CTP playing games and matches are tightly integrated into the program alongside the instruction. It is imperative for the students to practice games with longer time controls: the best way to improve one’s chess level.

We will divide the selected students in 4 small groups ("Up and coming", "Rising Stars", "Advanced" and "Experienced"), with training on alternate Sunday Mornings.

Participating is by invitation onlyOur Caissa Talent Program is aimed at our students who have been competing at (inter)national tournaments over the last couple of years. They should be at the (sub)top level in their respective age groups. In addition, students in any of these groups are required to compete in FIDE-rated tournaments.

The classes will be prepared and conducted by Caissa Coach IM Matthew Tan. For this term, the set-up will consist of classes on alternate Sundays as follows:

WhatsApp Image 2024-03-20 at 14.41.23 (1).jpeg

CTP Coach - IM Matthew Tan

The CTP is our most advanced program and we expect a high level of commitment during the classes, doing homework, playing games and participating in tournaments. Students not showing the expected commitment might not receive an invitation for further CTPs. 

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