To facilitate the training and continuous learning of our students in the current difficult environment, we offer the option to join group classes in online format. The structure is kept very similar to our normal weekly classes: half of the time instruction, half time guided practice.


Children will be still grouped according to their level and they can join any of the weekly slots for their level. We will allow a maximum of 8 students per class. Kids will be able to interact with the coach in multiple ways (audio, video, answering questions on the screen etc.)

The classes will last 75 mins instead of 60 mins.

Upon registration you will receive full information about the technical details.


Children must have completed the Basic Step 1 level to join a class. That means that the Step 1 class will be suitable for children who have completed the Step 1 book (might be doing Step 1 Extra or Step 1 Plus) and so on. In case of doubt, please check with your coach.

We do not recommend the online classes for young beginners (guiding principle, from around 8 years of age on). The classes are thus not suitable for Stepping Stones 1 or 2.


  • Step 1 Monday 17.00-18.15  

  • Step 2 Tuesday 17.00-18.15 or Thursday 17.00-18.15

  • Step 3 Friday 17.00-18.15

If the timing does not meet your schedules but you are interested to join our online instruction, please let us know your preferences (e.g., morning) as we might launch additional groups.


Now open for April and May 2020.

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