Our Trainers

Alberto Muniz Pardino

Head Training & Operations

Coach Alberto has an academic degree in Business Administration and Management. He is a professional chess coach with years of extensive coaching experience, in Spain, Singapore, Malaysia and in Hong Kong. He has been a tournament player since his early youth and is a top ranked player in HK and became HK Champion in 2014, qualifying for the HK National Team in the 2014 Chess Olympiad. Alberto is both a FIDE licensed International Arbiter and FIDE Trainer. His main hobbies are Sports and Technology.


IM Marcos Llaneza Vega

Senior Trainer - Master

Coach Marcos studied Geography and History in Spain. He started to play chess when he was 4. His father taught his elder brothers and sister (who is a WIM and got a Gold medal for the best fourth board in one Olympiad) and they taught him. 

Marcos was Spanish Champion U10, U12, U16, U18 and university champion. He played several European and World Youth Championships and won many International Tournaments in Europe and Asia. As a chess teacher, he started as assistant in schools when he was 15 and since then he had been working with students of different levels and ages. Some of them became Spanish Champions, International Masters or even one, is currently a Grand Master.

In recent years he has been coaching young students but he also worked as analyst for some International and Grand Masters. At the same time, he enjoys playing strong tournaments all around the world because he can combine two of his great passions: travel and chess. Marcos also likes a lot to read books and watch documentaries.

matthew 4.jpg

IM Matthew Tan 

Senior Trainer - Master

Coach Matthew has an academic degree in mathematics. He learned to play chess at the age of 7. As a youth player he won a couple of National Championships and participated at several European Championships. In 2012 Matthew earned the title of International Master. Matthew has been a (semi-)professional trainer for over a decade. As a Dutch trainer he has a wealth of experience with the Step-by-Step Method. 

From 2015-2018 Matthew worked as a mathematics teacher at a middle school. In 2018 he also became an official FIDE trainer. Now, Matthew is eager to combine these educational skills with his chess skills. In his spare time Matthew enjoys reading, indoor soccer and going to the gym. 

ipatov caissa HK clinic 2013.jpg

GM Alexander Ipatov

World Youth Champion 2013

GM Ipatov, former Youth World Champion, is providing some Caissa students with online classes - although he is busy with his studies at the moment, if you are interested in his training, you can contact him directly at ipatovo@slu.edu.

GM Ipatov's 5-Year Anniversary Testimonial:

"Being exposed to the chess world since a young age, I had a chance to travel to different countries for tournaments, simul exhibitions and lectures. I can say with certainty - it is an arduous task to find someone within the chess world who would be as trustworthy and professional as David. It is always a pleasure to do projects with David and Caissa HK!"

GM Alexander Ipatov - 22 Aug 2017

David Garceran Nieuwenburg (left)


David has a M.Sc. degree in Business Administration and a M.A. degree in Japanology. He has extensive tournament experience as a youth player in The Netherlands with a National Club Team Title. He has continued to play competitive chess in various different countries he used to live in. David is a FIDE National Instructor and HKCFL National Arbiter. His occasional teaching and regular organizing of chess events in Hong Kong and abroad with overseas opponents is done passionately as a volunteer hobby.


Eduard Garcia Carles

Senior Trainer

Coach Eduard has an academic and four postgraduate (including Master’s) degrees in Piano performance. He was introduced to chess at a very young age and in his teens he started to play more competitive chess quickly climbing the ranks in his local chess club to second place.

Eduard's favourite opening is the Spanish. He loves tactics and is an aggressive but calculative chess players who always looks for a good sacrifice in the mid game. There is a famous phrase from Aron Nimzowitsch that he likes to keep in mind in his games: "The threat is stronger than the execution". 

Although Eduard with a 1900+ FIDE rating belongs to the top 10 in Hong Kong, he doesn’t play competitive chess that often anymore. His passion is teaching.

Eduard has a vast teaching experience with both individuals and in group lessons. Having taught to students with a very wide age range (from 4 years olds to elderly) across very different nationalities and countries, like in Spain, UK, UAE and Hong Kong, Eduard knows how to get a message across. Be it music or chess.

CM David Rivas Vila

Senior Trainer (2017 and 2018)

Coach David has a master degree in Industrial Engineering. With a FIDE rating of 2154 (max FIDE rating 2260 in 2008), David is currently one of the highest rated players in Hong Kong and he has extensive tournament play experience since his youth in Spain and upon joining Caissa also in Hong Kong now.


In 1999, he played the World Chess Championship U-16. He has trained, when they were young, important Spanish players like GM Anton Guijarro and GM Salgado Lopez. His hobbies are Sports, computers, fantastic novel and films. He is a Real Madrid’s fan.

David is back in Spain now