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Therese Pei Fong Chow Research Centre for Prevention of Dementia


There are few activities that require more mental agility than playing chess. Chess  has given us many hours of hobbyist pleasure, competitive excitement and both professional and social interaction with many many many people over the years, young and old, across a wide geographical range.

Increasingly we observe that cognitive impacting phenomena like dementia and Alzheimer's disease are getting increasingly common in the circles of family, friends or other people we know.


With deteriorating mental health it would become impossible to enjoy chess, on the other hand, there are some indicators that sometimes playing mind games like chess could slow down the degenerative process of Alzheimer's. At this moment tackling Alzheimer's is still an uphill battle, there is no cure. Much more research is needed.


For season 2019-20 we have chosen to support the Therese Pei Fong Chow Research Centre. We will donate for all events a certain percentage of the fees we charge for training and events. We have since our first days in 2012 not raised our fees once and we will try to make chess accessible to all by keeping fees as low as possible while providing coaches of suburb quality, and run tournaments with attractive prizes, from trophies and medals to fully sponsored overseas trips.


Concretely this means that:

  • Our medal and trophy rich EOM events from September 2019 will be charged at 50HK$ for our students and 100HK$ for guest students: our students' fee and 50HK$ of guest fee will go in full to the donation fund

  • Group lessons per 1 January 2020 will increase with 5% (around 12.5HK$ per lesson): in full to the donation fund

  • Camps and clinics per 1 January 2020 will increase with 5%: in full to the donation fund

  • From our tournament fees from September 2019 we will donate 10% to the donation fund


We will keep track and share on a monthly update basis how much we have collected in the donor fund. At the end of 2019-2020 season, around July 2020,we will do the donation in one go.

We do hope you support our initiative.

On behalf of Caissa Hong Kong Chess Club,

David Garceran Nieuwenburg

PS. If you want to donate yourself, this is an online donation form.


Handing over 75,000HK$ cheque

Handing over a cheque of 75,000HK$ as donation on 12 September 2021

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