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News Archive: Year 2017 

Our 5 Year Anniversary Year

Anniversary Testimonial

"Being exposed to the chess world since a young age, I had a chance to travel to different countries for tournaments, simul exhibitions and lectures. I can say with certainty - it is an arduous task to find someone within the chess world who would be as trustworthy and professional as David. It is always a pleasure to do projects with David and Caissa HK!"

GM Alexander Ipatov - 22 Aug 2017 

22 December 2017

5th Anniversary Full House! Coach David Rivas Wins Open. HK Youth U14 Champion, Shenzhen Youth U14 2nd Place.

With 73 participants, 38 coming from Shenzhen, our new training centre at Jervois Street in Sheung Wan was packed to the fullest for our 5-year Anniversary event on Sunday 17 December. Trying to accommodate as many players as possible, also on the waiting list, we reshuffled the lay-out several times, bought additional chairs and tables, new clocks and had coach Alberto give away his spot as player and join David GN in the arbiters team. 


25 November 2017

Autumn EOM 2017 Final Results and Ranking

On Saturday 25 November we held the End of Month event for our students in our Discovery Bay Center. It was the last EOM of the Autumn cycle so this time both medals, for today's result, and trophies, for all EOM of 3 months combined results, were to be handed out.


20 November 2017

Three National Blitz Titles for Caissa Kids!!!

The Hong Kong National Blitz Championships 2017 held yesterday 19 November, although with a relatively smaller player field than expected for a National Championship, was nonetheless delivered smoothly and professionally by HKCFL (all results here). 

We are very proud to see that three players from our Elite Group Training Program put the word 'elite' into the most concrete form possible by becoming National Champions in their age categories. Well done, also to coaches David Rivas And Alberto Muniz leading the EGTP training.



24 September 2017

September EOM - Breakthrough Performance in All Groups

While August was a hot and slow month in many ways, September kicked off hotter and faster with our first End of Month training tournament for our beginning and intermediate students. 


9 July 2017


Summer Chess Camp 26-30 June and 3-7 July  

The first two summer camps have just finished. Each camp was 5 days, an engaging 3 hours per day; 15 hours in 5 days is truly a very good amount of time to move a plateau up in a relatively short time.


27 & 28 May  2017


Summer EOM Leg 1 and Caissa - Shenzhen U10: 3-1  

On May 27 we played the May EOM which is the first EOM leg of the Summer 2017 EOM cycle. We were glad to see many new faces as that is the purpose of the EOM, to practice what is learned in class in a tournament setting so that our students will be more ready for external tournament play. 



On May 28 a 13 U10 youth player team from Shenzhen visited Caissa in Sheung Wan for a friendly match. After hard work in the  6 rounds preliminaries, three teams of 4 players faced off in the finals with a good result for Caissa.


14 May  2017


Mothers Day - Spring 2017 YGP Rounds 1 and 2  

After the heavy morning rains, the afternoon was half sunny, hot, humid and otherwise demanding the aircon to be turned on and to avoid too much outdoor activity until dusk. And that is what Hong Kong's most committed chess playing youth decided to do. We played the first two rounds of the Spring 2017 Youth Grand Prix, today, 14 May, on Mothers Day. With a very strong field of 28 players, of whom 15 with a FIDE rating, in the U8, U10, U12, U14-U16 age categories, some excellent chess with Standard Time control (90 minutes per player) was played in this FIDE rated event.

Games can be REPLAYED HERE.

In any case, apologies to all moms for the intrusion today but we hope that the kids will spoil you in the evening! 


5 May  2017


High Octane End-April Chess Weekend 

The chess-packed last weekend of April started with some spectacular chess in the first round on Friday 28 April of the Caissa Friday Spring Open standard chess (results here) followed the last leg of the Spring EOM held in Discovery Bay on Saturday 29.


For the top groups in the EOM this was a good opportunity to warm up for the HKCFL inter-school National Championships held the next day (results here). As expected :-) many Caissa students won prizes and special congrats to our 4 Caissa kids in the Lower Primary Discovery College team who again won the National Champion title. A good warming up for next day's Caissa Labour Day Rapid Open!


The Labour Day Rapid Open (results here) was attended by rating-wise some of the strongest players in Hong Kong. The title went to FM Louis Marcos Medarde Santiago with 8 points out of 9, followed by Caissa coaches David Rivas (also 8 points) and Alberto Muniz (7 points).


20 February  2017

Discovery College overwhelmingly strong in the HKJCC inter-school 

Cheers to all Caissa students who played in the HKJCC inter-school 18-19 February. Congrats to the over 20 Caissa students who won personal prizes or prizes for their schools - or both! Especially congrats to the only school we train at the moment: Discovery College, winning both lower primary and upper primary champion titles, winning all their games!!! The lower primary players all won 1st prize on their board too and in upper primary we had 2 players who won 1st prize at their board and one got 2nd board prize. A memorable moment in HK inter-school history...

All results here.

Caissa Chess Club Hong Kong Students All Win Prizes at QBS 2015

12 February 2017


Wing Ki Kwong wins YGP Winter 2017 

Whereas in the December 2016 concluded YGP the top 5 were all U12 players, this Winter 2017 leg was crowded by U14-16 players with only Miguel as U12 in the top 5. 

With 5.5 points Wing Ki claimed the U14-16 Champion title followed by a very strong Daniel Zheng who was also undefeated and surely got his rating through his performance in this event. 

In U12 Miguel became Champion on tie-break ahead of Ulysse who had won the previous YGP in December 2016. U10 Champion was Seth ahead of Ethan on tie-break and U8 Champion was, again, Mahir, the only U8 player in the overall top 10.

Click here for the final ranking and cross table...

11 February 2017


FM Daniel Lam wins 1st Hang Hau, Sai Kung & Clear Water Bay Open

As the inauguration event of the (re)opening of our Caissa chess activities in the Hang Hau Space Centre, the 1st Open Rapid tournament was held for chess players of all ages and levels.

FM Daniel Lam claimed the title ahead of Tushar Anand and David Rivas, our new Caissa coach - welcome David! Noteworthy was 11-year old Miguel Angel Garceran Wang who with 5 points ended 3rd overall and Champion U14. Seth Peramunetilleke became Champion U12 and that is exactly what Mahir Uppal did in U8.

Click here for the final ranking and cross table...

14 January 2017


YGP 2017 Ready to start tomorrow with strongest playing field ever.


Will Ulysse be able to continue his strong performance of the first YGP in the 2016/17 season? Or will the highly rated players like Wing Ki, Ronald, Andy, Ethan and Miguel Angel be extra alert this time.


Even more so, some of the unrated players, think of Daniel, Arjun, Seth are eager to get their rating like Scott did through the previous YGP ... and this can be done by winning from rated players of which they are surely capable. 

The battle among the youngsters Oliver, Savine and Mahir will prove to be very interesting too. 

Aaditya will this time face Ben in the same age field and Mei Jing is the the only girl to defend the ladies' honor.

Click here for the latest players table...

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